The Console Diagnostic Loader (EVI-CDL) is an EVI software product which provides a replacement to MODCOMP's Model 4513 Paper Tape Reader (PTR). The PC-AT base processor system is connected as a peripheral device to a MODCOMP host computer via and RS-232C Console Controller. EVI-CDL is supported as a paper tape reader device with the MODCOMP Console handler. The EVI-CDL software will operate is any PC-AT configuration (286, 386, or 486).

The EVI-CDL offers an economical means for loading programs and data into the MODCOMP at 19.2Kb per second. The product provides Fillable, SAL loadable and DAX menus for selection and loading of standard MODCOMP diagnostics. The Backup function is performed via Standard DOS file copy command.

Online Help :

F1   Help Menu
F2   Fillable Diagnostic Menu
F3   Stand Along Linking Loader (SAL) Menu
F4   Diagnostic Application Executive (DAX) Menu
F8   Activate/Deactivate terminal logging to the local disk (SESSION.LOG)
F10   Exit from EVI-CDL, to DOS


  Utilizes PC-AT hardware technology for low cost, high reliability and transportability (PC-Notebook).
  MODCOMP II/IV/Classic Diagnostic/Utility Load Device (Fillable, SAL, and DAX Relocatable).
  Non DMP Diagnostic load device.
  Menu Selection for loading diagnostics.
  TTY terminal replacement and data logging to disk.
  Satellite System OS loading & remote Diagnostics.
  Standard MODCOMP Selectable Baud Rates.
  Selectable Parity Checking (Even, Odd, None).
  Replaces obsolete hardware (PTR).
  Color configuration for menu and text displays.
  User supplied Custom diagnostic and OS loading.

Configuration :

Supported by a standard ASCII file (CDL.INI).

Port=x     Communication Port (COM1/COM2)
Baud=xxx   Baud Rates (175 to 19200)
Parity=x   Channel Parity (E, O, N, M, Space)
FBD=xxx    Delay between each data block for
           variations in CPU and Memory speeds.
Color Selection is via standard PC attribute byte
Text=0x02     Menu=0x1F     MenuBar=0x71
Error=0x4E    Button=0x4F   Clock=0x1B


  Standard MODCOMP TY Handler


  MODCOMP System
  TTY Controller
  Cabling to connect to EVI-CDL
  PC-AT System (386/25 or faster) with hard drive, floppy, RS-232C Comm Port and CRT / Keyboard

Compatible Console Controllers

3767   Classic Console Controller.
4804   Quad Channel Interface Controller with the console port interface enabled.
4850   Multifunction Controller with a 4851-xx RS-232C Port Option interface.
5927   Classic High speed serial link.
3765   Classic Console Disk Controller.
375X   MODCOMP Console/Paper Tape Cont.

Modem Numbers and Descriptions

CDL-1   Software only.
CDL-2   Software with a PC-AT in a Low Profile 19" rack mounted enclosure (Height: 4 ¼")
CDL-3   Software with a PC-AT in a Desktop or Minitower case.
CDL-4   Software with a PC-AT Notebook configuration.

Physical Characteristics

CDL-2: PC-AT in a Low Profile 19" rack mounted enclosure.

Height: 4 ¼ in.
Depth: 16 in.
Width: 19 in.
Weight: 15 lbs.

MODCOMP and CLASSIC are registered trademarks of Modular Computer Systems, Inc.
PC-AT may be a trademark of International Business Machines
EVI-AFD is a trademark of Electronic Visions, Inc.

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