Model MRN-200


The Message Routine Node (MRN) is an EVI product which allows a MODCOMP computer to participate in a TCP/IP LAN or WAN environment.


The MRN uses the 802.3/Ethernet Multivendor LAN Standard. This will provide modular growth, which enables you to expand your computing resources. The MRN is flexible enough to accomodate a variety of industry standards (ISO or DNA).

The MRN provides both TCP and UDP communications services. A task on the MODCOMP can communicate with a task executing on a processor connected to the Ethernet LAN. The MODCOMP task can participate is either a server or client mode. The MRN will support up to fifteen concurrent LAN connections.

 Figure 1, Typical MRN Configuration 

The MRN also provides an internal protocol for diagnostics and configuration information from the MRN. This includes a PING command which may be used to test a network path from the MRN to another system.


      MRN Symbiont (16 or 32 bit)
      Interface Routines (FORTRAN)
      TCP/IP Kernel
      EVI 5316 Driver
      MRN-200 Application Software


      Rack mountable industrial computer equipped with an EVI 5316 interface card and an ethernet card
      EVI 5316 Cable

SOFTWARE (Prerequisites)

   Standard MODCOMP 4805 Handler (MAX IV/MAX 32)   

HARDWARE (Prerequisites)

   MODCOMP 16 or 32 Bit System with a 4805 parallel interface controller   
Figure 2, MRN Data Routing

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