PC-LOG is an EVI product which replaces serial terminals and/or logging devices with an intelligent micro-computer interface. Data normally lost on conventional terminals is now captured and recorded to disk or WORM-based log files. The voluminous amounts of paper generated by hardcopy logging devices is eliminated. PC-LOG allows rapid location of important messages by providing review and search capabilities. Archiving is supported through disk copies and serial transfers of log files.

 Figure 1, Typical PC-LOG 4 Configuration 


  Connect up to four different host systems simultaneously
  Log each host's messages to separate, local disk files, with optionally different drives and directories
  Review and search any log file while logging continues (including the active log files)
  Integrated file management, including Copy and Erase
  Context sensitive help
  Keeps either reusable weekly log files (SUN.LG1 through SAT.LG1) or daily log files (90JUL17.LG1)
  Data rates of up to 19.2K baud with or without flow control
  Software (XON/XOFF) or hardware flow control
  Blank line and trailing blank suppression
  Local echo supported
  Change local date and time
  Automatically uses text display modes up to 132 columns by 60 lines
  Automatically switch to a secondary log drive if the first drive fills up.
  Televideo® 955 Terminal emulation available
  Support for log files on shared drives
  Custom alterations available, prices determined on a per user/per task basis


  Each host session is separately configurable
  Serial communication parameters
  Logging behavior
  File transfer communication parameters
  User interface behavior
  Shift lock states
  Screen colors


  386/25 or better PC with a fixed disk drive
  Standard DOS ports for COM1 and COM2
  EVI Specified ports for COM3 and COM4
  DOS 3.x or better (DOS 4.x or better if log files are expected to exceed 32mb in size)

If you're interested in PC-LOG, we have a time limited demo available for download. This version is limited to running for only two hours at a time (after that it will automatically exit) but otherwise, this is the standard release version of the program. If you have a special requirement, please call or email Butch Young (321-632-7530 or (321) 632-7742 / HYoung at E-VISIONS dot COM) for more details.


Brief instructions for using the downloaded file:

The ZIP file (pcl4demo.zip) contains the following files:
PC-LOG.EXE  The main program
PCLCFG.EXE  The PC-LOG configuration program. This program MUST be run before PC-LOG runs, in order to create the configuration file that PC-LOG reads. The first time you run PCLCFG, it will complain that it cannot find an existing configuration file. That's normal, and you should continue on into the program. Make sure you define at least one host/port, and remember to press F2 to SAVE your settings when you're through.
PC-LOG.HLP  A basic help file for PC-LOG. This file contains specially formatted ASCII text and may be adjusted to reflect customizations and local languages.

NEW! We have ported the venerable PC-LOG from its ancient DOS roots to the latest 32 bit Windows platforms. To read about this new descendent of PC-LOG, visit the PCL32 product page.

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