You Must Enable JavaScript

You must use a JavaScript-enabled browser in order to make the e-mail address an active link.

This is because spammers (senders of bulk e-mail) have begun using computer programs to "harvest" e-mail addresses from Web pages like this one. I am using a technique that requires JavaScript to reduce the possibility of unwanted mechanical harvesting.

I want to be available for individual communications by e-mail, but I don't want a flood of junk e-mail.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser, then use the "Back" button and click the e-mail link again, or just type the address into your e-mail program. (Cut-and-paste won't work because the address is actually an image; that's to frustrate spammers, too.)

(If you think this is a pretty neat idea and you'd like to try it yourself, the gentleman whose code and ideas I've borrowed here has written some directions about how to do it. You can find them here: